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Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

Issue Time:2021/09/16


Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

   2021 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday for 3 days: September 19-September 21, 2021;

   August 15 is the middle of autumn, so it is called Mid-Autumn Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. The moon on August 15 is rounder and brighter than the full moon in other months, so it is also called "Moon Eve" and "August Festival". On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people try to reunite with their families as much as possible, taking the meaning of two rounds of people and moon, and August 15 is also called "Reunion Festival." The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional folk festival of the Han and ethnic minorities.

  Eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival

   better early than late

   Mooncakes are high-sugar and high-fat foods. Eat them in the morning or at noon to replenish energy and not easy to gain weight. However, you should eat less or not moon cakes at night, especially for the elderly with cardiovascular disease, otherwise the risk of blood clots may increase.

   should be fresh but not chen

  Most moon cakes contain more fat. Once stored for a long time, they are prone to deterioration, which is not good for health.

   should be less, not more

   Moon cakes contain more oil and sucrose. Excessive consumption may cause stomach fullness, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite, and increased blood sugar. The elderly and children should not eat more. It should be noted that the oil contained in sugar-free moon cakes is not less than that of ordinary moon cakes, and the calories are still high, which will cause the blood sugar of diabetic patients to increase. People with high blood fat and high cholesterol should eat less meat and egg yolk mooncakes.

   is suitable for tea

   Since mooncakes are too greasy if you eat too much, you should drink more green tea when you taste them. Tea can relieve greasiness. Add a little scented tea to green tea to taste sweet and delicious, and the effect is better.

In addition, after eating moon cakes, it is best to drink more effective teas, such as appetizer tea (sour plum soup, etc.), Xiaozhi tea (such as hawthorn, multiflorum, cassia and other Chinese medicinal materials), which is quite effective for clearing the intestines and stomach; you can also eat some appropriately Protease tablets help digestion.


The story of how the Mid-Autumn Festival came

  Celebrate the maturity of crops

There is a saying that the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival comes from agricultural production. The word "autumn" means "the crops are ripe for autumn". The eighth month of the lunar calendar is the middle of autumn, and the fifteenth month is the middle of the month. Farmers celebrate the maturity of their crops. It will be celebrated on this day, and it has become an important holiday.

   The story of Chang'e flying to the moon

In ancient times, the sun-shooting hero Houyi got the elixir of life, and after eating it, he could become immortal. One day Houyi went out hunting, and his disciple Peng Meng threatened Hou Yi’s wife Chang'e to hand over the immortal medicine. Chang'e wanted the immortal medicine not to fall into the wrong hands. After taking it by himself, he flew up to the Moon Palace, and was separated from Houyi Xianfan. Houyi missed Chang'e, and worshipped the moon every August 15th, and gradually evolved into a traditional festival on August 15th.

   Mooncakes appeared as military rations

   At the end of the Sui Dynasty, the first prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, Pei Ji, was on August 15th. After watching the moon, he invented moon cakes as military rations to solve the problem of rations derived from the absorption of a large number of anti-Sui rebels.

  Reverence for nature

With respect for nature, the ancient emperors worshiped the moon at a fixed time each year. The Book of Rites contains that “the emperor’s spring is the sun, the autumn is the moon.” The activity of offering sacrifices to the moon was gradually spread to the people. This is the origin of the original Mid-Autumn Festival.