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Auto AC Compressors


Auto AC Compressors

Wholesale Air-Conditioner Compressors for Car, Truck and Agricultural Machinery.

HYoung (TUYoung) is a professional car air-conditioner (A/C) compressor factory in china, dedicated to the research and development, production and wholesale of auto AC compressors and car A/C compressor parts. 

HYoung provides competitive prices for the repair and replacement of car AC compressors, and helps customers reduce car AC compressor repair cost. 

Car AC Compressors
The compressor adds pressure to the gas, while its suction helps to keep the pressure low on the low-pressure side of the system – therefore, it drives the process of cooling the cabin of the car.

Our range of A/C compressors is a highly developed program. We have one of the widest range of compressors in the European market, covering more than 90% of the cars in Europe / Asia / America.

Plug and Play

All our AC compressors are pre-filled according to OE specifications with correct oil type and amount and are delivered with a mounting notice. Furthermore, we deliver fast movers (+300 items) with mounting kits including O-rings.

Test and Quality
Each compressor is tested and inspected individually. We perform tests of hub strength, performance tests for control valves, leakage, pressure, durability and live tests. The test report with the individual performance of the compressor is attached to the compressor when delivered.

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